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Why Choose Us ?

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No Need to Worry About Any Surcharge

You will only be charged a fixed fee per day and there is no need to worry about any surcharge.

if you date usage is over the limit.There are certain countries where is no limit to the daily data usage.

Share with Multiple Devices

It can accommodate a maximum of 5 devices at the same time, thus help you save a lot of money.

Save Your Time

There is a 24-hour counter at the Hong Kong International Airport,which allows you to pick up or return the wifi machine at any time.

Pocket Wifi Benefit

4G LTE - Provides up to 40 Mbps downloads and 15 Mbps upload speed

Unlimited Data - Wireless Internet access

Full Coverage - Each WiFiBB has a built-in local SIM card width a full battery

Covering Country

China China

Japan Japan

Malaysia Malaysia

SingaporeImg Singapore

Korea Korea

Taiwan Taiwan

Thailand Thailand

Vietanam Vietanam

France France

Germany Germany

Italy Italy

Australia Australia

Brazil Brazil

Canada Canada

Euroupe Euroupe

South Africa South Africa

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